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n order to make the most income possible, experts highly recommend Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get  Multi Level Marketing (MLM) offer web pages the maximum natural, organic search engine exposure. When you have Increased search engine driven clicks, this can mean an Increased Exposure for your MLM offer. What this will do is increase the commission income potential of each MLM offer that you have working for you. At last, we are very pleased to offer you our New Silver, Gold and Platinum SEO Profit Packages at Special Introductory Prices to help Search Engine Optimize All of your MLM offer web pages.  



“Why is SEO So Much Better Than Pay Per Click (PPC)?”


It’s a cold hard fact ... paid traffic costs money. In fact, a profitable PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign requires a lot of time and money together with constant review, bid updates and analysis to ensure that it continues to work. Even worse, some of the most popular paid keywords can cost large sums of money (as much as $10 per click!) just to receive a single click to your MLM Program's web page, and you must to pay for every click you receive – even though you are not guaranteed to make a penny in MLM commission!


Unlike pay per click traffic, the benefits of organic SEO through our Profit Packages can be seen long after the search engine optimization process has been completed. With any type of paid search, your ads in the search engine listings literally come to a grinding halt once you stop paying for them.  This can also occur when you have exceeded your daily PPC budget.


Effective organic SEO on the other hand, can keep showing up for an indefinite time period. Of course, it helps to re-submit your MLM program's web pages through an SEO package on occasion to help maintain your rankings and add new rankings to the huge number of new search engines that regularly come online.



“NATURAL” Organic SEO Traffic is Highly Recommended By Experts ...


Natural search engine optimization traffic is also referred to as “organic traffic.” What this means is that a person sitting at their computer finds your MLM program's web pages by entering a specific keyword(s) while doing a web search.


Now, regardless of the search engine used – Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. this natural, organic traffic is considered better by experts. Why? It’s simple - the person that finds your MLM program's web pages is NOT finding it through a paid click or a paid advertisement. This has the immediate effect of making the blog page more believable to a viewer.


Of course you should consider getting started with an SEO Profit Package on your MLM program's web pages - and giving them the traffic they deserve to make you the maximum amount of money possible.


But did you know that our SEO Profit Packages can even ...

                                                                                                                         “Works On MLM Affiliate and Distributor Websites Too!”


Let’s say you are already involved in another program (or programs) that pays you commission.  If you are doing this, that’s great news.  But, our SEO Profit Package can also help Search Engine Optimize your MLM affiliate or distributor web page(s) – potentially earning you even more income from your current program(s)!


“How To Get More People To See Your MLM Program's Web Pages”


There are several steps that you can take to improve your MLM program's web pages search engine optimization. Remember, it's never too late to start an SEO campaign with our SEO Profit Packages.  Now, if you had to do all this yourself, these steps would include:


·          Keyword Research - This is the process of selecting words and phrases that members of your targeted website audience would use when conducting a web search. The goal is to target the keywords and phrases that will generate the most traffic.  Unfortunately, this can be time consuming and many times people start by simply just selecting keywords to use without researching their popularity and competitiveness. Our SEO Profit Package does this for you!


·          On-page Optimization- This step involves optimizing the code, text and the content used for hyperlinks throughout your MLM program's web pages for the SEO campaign to bring you the audience that you are targeting specifically for your AutoBlog pages. Again, our SEO Profit Package can do this for you!

·          Automatic Content Filling – Search Engines (such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) absolutely love new content.  This automatic content can also help build links to your program's web pages fast, thereby improving your organic search engine optimization rankings. Again, our SEO Profit Package can do this for you!


“Don’t Let Them Find Someone Else’s Blog First – Just Yours!”


Why should you let someone else’s MLM program web pages  get all the natural organic traffic at your expense? When your MLM program's web pages get natural organic traffic it is you who stands to make the most money possible in affiliate and / or MLM program commissions.


“Only 37 Slots Available”


Unfortunately, SEO positions are quite limited and we cannot offer these SEO Profit Packages to everyone.  Therefore, we must restrict this offer to the first 37 slots that are filled.  It is truly first come, first served.  If you are interested, we highly advise you to grab your slot now – while you still can!   Just make your selection below and fill out the request form now, while you’re thinking about.  We think you’ll be very glad you did.



Please Click On Your Selection Below:



Silver SEO Profit Package - 3 Monthly SEO Blasts - Minimum 100,000 sites: 

Regular Price $247  Special Introductory Price: $197






Gold SEO Profit Package – 6 Monthly SEO Blasts - Minimum 250,000 sites:


Regular Price $347  Special Introductory Price: $297





Platinum SEO Profit Package – 12 Monthly SEO Blasts - Minimum 500,000 sites:


Regular Price $447 Special Introductory Price: $397





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